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20mm Vintage Style Salmon Strap - Emerald Green

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20mm Vintage Style Salmon Strap - Emerald Green

For sale is this Vintage style 2 piece strap.
The shaping of this strap is a tribute to the old Omega and Heuer watch strap designs.
This strap is made from the finest salmon leather. Salmon leather is known for its great durability and it is very strong despite being relatively thin. The strap consists of 3 layers of leather. The upper is salmon, middle is calf and is used to give the strap a good thickness. The bottom layer is usually natural chèvre leather for comfort.  

Color: Emerald green with silver/gold accents
Length: 112+72mm
Lug width: 20mm
Buckle width: 16mm
Stitching: green
Edges: dark
Removable Steel buckle is included