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Classic Italian Cowhide Strap - Waxy Green

Classic Italian Cowhide Strap - Waxy Green

If you want to add something more elaborate to your watch, then this is the way to go. You don't need to stick to this specific stitching combination, have a look in the pictures for available thread colors.

Hand assembled, stitched and painted and ready to add some unique character to your watch.

The classic contours of the strap are not a must. This strap could be also made in the vintage Heuer / Omega design. The upper leather is cowhide with a strong waxy feel and slight pull up, produced in sunny Tuscany. The underside will be picked depending on your needs.
This design can be reproduced in a variety of leather colors. You can pick from many thread colors and edge colors.
Lug and buckle sizing as well as length can be made on request.
The design can be also made to fit a deployant / butterfly buckle.