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Vintage Heuer / Omega Black Horween Shell Cordovan strap

Vintage Heuer / Omega Black Horween Shell Cordovan strap

The overall looks of the strap is meant to reproduce the vintage Omega and Heuer designs. The strap comes without lining so that the natural flexibility and softness of the Shell Cordovan remains intact.
Lug and buckle sizing as well as length can be made on request.
The design can be also made to fit a deployant / butterfly buckle.
The strap comes with the basic side stitching or middle stitching. Please check the attached pictures of thread options.
Another option are the keepers. You can choose one loose keeper or 2 keepers (1 loose and 1 fixed).
When you are ready to place the order, please write down your custom requirements like length, lug width, buckle width, etc... and send them to me via the contact form or email. There is also a column during checkout where you can write down this custom requirements.
Always inquire via email if you are unsure about anything, I will be happy to assist you.