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Vintage Leather Paul Newman watch strap

Vintage Leather Paul Newman watch strap

This listing is for classic watch strap based on the strap as worn by Paul Newman.

This strap is made from leather sourced off a vintage Aviator jacket. You literally see those long years imprinted in the surface of this fantastic leather. The strap is lined with the fantastic Haas Zermatt. Wrist comfort guaranteed!

All straps I am offering are 100% hand made by me using traditional methods. Each strap is therefore unique and special :)

The strap dimensions are as follows:

Length - made to order
Lug width - made to order
Stitching - made to order
Steel buckle is included

Bund pad:
Length - made to order
Width - made to order

I stock various colors and leather types so If you would like to get something what you dont see on offer just let me know and I can make it for you.
Any watches in the listing pictures are only for demonstration. They are not part of the sale.